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My story

This picture may not show it, but we were struggling here.  My son was up at 5am most mornings and was tired and wired throughout the day.  I knew this wasn't normal, despite the pediatrician telling me it was.  There is relief.  It was years down the line when I put the pieces together.  Let me help you do it quicker!


In 2017, I worked with an expensive nutritionist to try to help my 3 year old son’s picky eating and my own allergies, fatigue and short menstrual cycle. After doing lab work, she told us that we were both anemic and needed iron, vitamin D and zinc. Despite feeling better for a short time, we eventually became worse. I've since learned through my root cause protocol training that synthetic supplements (hello multivitamins and prenatals) are not good for us and cause a cascade of issues down the line, such as adrenal fatigue, insomnia and insulin resistance. Now do we need vitamin D, magnesium and things like B6? Absolutely! But I teach you how to get these in a way that our bodies can assimilate.  If you have health concerns that are affecting your quality of life, then we should talk. 


My eyes opened to the power of healing when I discovered that food really is medicine. For me, this was a relief because I could control what groceries we bought.  The decisions we made inside the home did matter. Our health wasn't out of our control. Managing our diet and balancing our minerals has been life changing for our family and it's been so rewarding to watch other people thrive with this information.  
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