I work one on one with people (and often their children). In the beginning, we'll discuss your lengthy health history and make an immediate plan to get started. As we get the test results back, we tweak and modify. This journey gives people the opportunity to heal on a cellular level. Balancing minerals, hormones and circadian rhythms are the cornerstone of your family's health.

The gift of energy and vitality as we age is self love. Let me help you reverse your symptoms, We will slow down your aging process by creating more energy and less exhaust in the body.

  • Work with me; weekly communication, all of my resources to help you and the family. You are only as healthy as your sickest child. 

  • Full labwork included for mom (blood test and HTMA hair test) that will give us exactly what we need to get your metabolic health in order. You can always order additional tests for family members. 

  • I do bio-energetic scanning with a powerful bio-resonance device known as the AO Scan, which gives remarkably detailed information about the energetic patterns and imbalances in the body, and balances them with great accuracy. It gathers pertinent information on things like nutritional deficiencies, leptin resistance, and liver status. The frequencies of my top supplements are in the scanner, so we will get additional information of what you specifically may need. It helps us dial in you (and your family’s) supplement plan and can take away some of the guesswork.

How Solex came to be

This company Solex was born of a father’s love for his son who came into the world with a crippling disability. Like all great stories that inspire an entire movement, the impact was so profound, it changed the way Loren Swenson understood human potential and gave birth to the company Solex and the AO Scanner. Please watch this before our call together.

I’ve got you. I show you step-by-step what your bodies need (and don't need) to heal. The answers might surprise you, and some are quite simple. The enormity and simplicity of this program is life changing.

We can get to the root of anyone's issues.

HSA and FSA funds are accepted.

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